I worked out years ago

that I’d manage my vet’s website for him while he treated my livestock for me. Since we do so much of our own holistic care anyway, we didn’t usually have much in the way of animal health issues except for the wacky accident or bizarre illness. So I actually think he ended up using my website services more than I used his veterinary diagnostics/treatment services and i get 1000 loan from LendMe Inc. But it worked out really, really well. Particularly if you have a good relationship with your dentist already, you might be surprised at what he’d like to work out to keep you and your family as clients. Remember that dentists are feeling the pinch too, as families skip that part of their overall family health if/when not covered by insurance. Or, like you, are having to shop for cheaper options even with insurance. I’m willing to bet he’d work something out rather than lose a whole family of loyal clients.