Good morning all

I am hoping to find all have survived the storms of last night in good shape. We did for as much as I can tell so far. We probably have a few limbs down, but nothing major. Even my broody on the desk mama goose survived the small hail we got. So now on to how we did with our path to financial freedom last week.
We ended the pay period way over budget on groceries, but because of a small sale, careful budgeting on other items, a decent royalty check and other small things we actually ended up under budget by $23. Now that I find exciting. LOL! My how attitudes change once you get on the path to run from cheetahs.
Speaking of cheetahs does anyone else find it interesting that the IRS ball team is named, you guessed it “Cheetahs!” ? or would it be CHEATahs?
Just before the storms yesterday dh finally got the geese out of my garden! So once it finishes being a swamp out there I can start planting, finally! Since he had promised that it would happen I used what was left of that Lowe’s gift card I got back in Dec when I reported our seedless grapes being seeded. To purchase some heirloom tomato plants, two types of bell peppers, jalapeno peppers, sweet potatoes, oregano, rosemary, thyme and a couple of other plants I can’t remember right now. Around Wednesday or Thursday I’ll start planting these and the heirloom seeds for cucumbers and such once the threat of this serious storm system is over. No sense in putting the tender plants out when they are predicting hail for next few days.
So meantime in the house I’ve been working on my pantries and cupboards. Blog posts to show up soon hopefully. They are slowly all coming together at once.
As I posted Friday evening ds took us to see the new Star Trek movie, this time I put my movie review on my media review blog (link below).
Saturday I played with the snowball a lot while dh was at a business luncheon. If all my calculations are correct things on the pay off train are looking pretty good. We won’t be debt free for a few more months, but we have knocked one month off the end in the last month, so that is progress.
So there it is a boring homework report.