For those who used VideoBuzz (the portal into YouTube)

which was shut down by Roku (you can read about it on my blog), the guy who developed it has created a side channel which programs directly into your ROKU device.
He is asking for a small donation of $15 which will give you the software, instructions on how to load the side channel, and lifetime upgrades.
I’m buying it just ON PRINCIPLE. Information follows. If you decide to get it and you have the opportunity, please let him know I told you about it. I am really excited about helping someone develop a product we didn’t know we needed till we lost it 😉 No, I don’t get anything back from the guy, other than the satisfaction of knowing I helped out.

Tiara (she’s a tufted Roman—thus the name) and her man, Magellan

Rode the storm out on the deck. There is a large oak tree that spreads it branches over that section of it. Some how the two of them had rolled some of the firewood off the rack around the nest and were hunkered down when the guys went out to try to rig a shelter. Magellan, who has NEVER done this before, gave dh such a pinch on his forearm (huge bruise immediately) and flogged ds protecting his family. The guys finally decided the geese had a plan and backed off. As soon as the storm passed we checked on them and both the birds and their two eggs are fine.
Under the front deck Serenity sheltered her five eggs and despite us having to do our first snake wrangling/rehoming of the season to save one for her on Saturday remained calm throughout. Under the back deck Her road it out as well. You got it, as soon as the storm was over we were out with flashlights checking on them with the Girls who rode the storm out in the sunroom.