The one thing we had hung onto as a family “luxury” has been our XM radios

For the last two weeks we have discussed giving that up. It is due on the 19th for the quarter. The discussion has been about how much we truly listen to it any more since we are not on the road full time and the fact they were raising the rates AGAIN. The bill due the 19th is $7 higher than the previous $110 for three radios for three months. So the discussion centered around that extra $7 from the budget. I know, what is $7, but when you think about how much putting that $7 plus the other $110 on another bill quarterly could save it becomes a lot of money very fast.
I’ll admit it. I was the hold out. I go to sleep each night listening to Ground Zero and Coast to Coast. During the day I listen to Michael and Glenn Beck. Yep I have right leanings, so if that is a problem for you sorry, it’s just my nature to be a conservative.
One night and a good part of another day earlier this week my “shows” were not on XM, they replaced them with some guy with a nasally voice my ears couldn’t tolerate. They even pre-empted Michael and that is a MAJOR NO-NO around here. This was not the first time Ground Zero had disappeared in the middle of a show. When I called XM I was told they were having “difficulties” and they were working to rectify the matter. I took it to mean satellite or transmission problems. Then Saturday night on Coast to Coast it was announced that Aug 31 would be the last broadcast date on XM for C2C. That same night it was announced on facebook that Ground Zero had been cancelled as well. Scuttlebutt is that other right wing shows were also being cancelled. I think I now know what the “difficulties” were. Especially since there was a lot of discussion about the current events of the day on the night/day the programming disappeared.
So they were raising my rates and cancelling what I normally listen to. Well that $117 will fit nicely into my gazelle feed bucket.
I spent part of Saturday and Sunday researching for free stations I could get those shows on and setting up radios, ipods, computers etc for listening in various rooms of the house and the garden. Dh retuned the truck radio to local stations to get the shows we want while in the truck with our pre-set channels. Sure we’ll suffer static now and again, but if they won’t provide the shows I’m interested in then they don’t need my business. They are on the schedule to be cancelled today.
On to a brighter subject, my beloved birds. We have new ones. I know, I know we shouldn’t but we rationalized ourselves into it. Always an excuse right? I could blame it on grief over losing Pigwidgeon, but that would be just an excuse. I could blame it on the need for more mousers, snake eaters and a solution for the biting fly problem that occurs as soon as hot weather hits, not to mention all those pesky mosquitoes. But the excuse we settled on is we felt sorry for Casino.
Casino is about 4 years old, he’s a pied Muscovy Drake and he was an only child. Ducky Dude disappeared last month and there have been no duck hens around here for nearly a year. He was one LONESOME drake. The geese shunned him and he was starting to eye our peahen in an unnatural way. It is all ds’ fault. Yeah his shoulders are broad he can shoulder the responsibility (and the feed sacks) of it.
First dh mentioned about two weeks ago he thought we needed more ducks for pest control, and pointed out that ‘scovies were the best for that. Not to mention they are a lot quieter than regular mallard descendant ducks. They are heartier for the most part too. The hens can perch in tree for safety, well Casino could too if he wasn’t such a fat little guy.
Then ds decided Cas needed a girlfriend or two. I objected asking where we would do temporary housing for new adult ‘Scovy hens because you always need to coop them for about 2 weeks or they will try to fly back home. The only available space was where we had scheduled to put Serenity and her goslings, if she ever hatched, which since she was 10 days past due we didn’t think would happen. So I put out a request ofr Muscovy hens, thinking two. Cas is now a very happy boy, or will be once we let the girls loose, we brought home four.
The clincher was ds saying “I’ll pay for the new hens and start paying for the feed every other time we buy, after all half of the birds are mine.” That won me over, I love muscovies (most birds in fact. ) and the main roadblock to getting the mouse and snake eaters had been the feed costs, In one promise (which I know he will keep because he always does) that roadblock disappeared. Photos of the new girls are on the blog post about the big adventure with bringing home four new girls and discovering that while we were out picking up the Muscovey hens Serenity hatched out one gosling with what looks like two more on the way soon. Can we say pen shortage anyone?
So far the other two eggs have not hatched, the fourth one that had been in the nest Friday when #1 hatched ruptured yesterday, apparently it hadn’t been fertile. Serenity is still faithfully guarding the other two eggs and turning them regularly. I just came in from checking on her and the little squirt and both seem fine. I’ll feel a lot safer when we get them in they play pen in the main goose area. Dh had to kill an egg snake yesterday that was making a beeline for the gosling. Ds just happened to see it as it crossed the clearing and they were able to stop it. They tried rehoming it, but the snake wouldn’t co-operate. So he’s now a dead snake.
Generally we leave the non-poisonous snakes be because we live in the woods and we need the pest control they provide. But when they go after my birds or eggs they either get relocated several miles away or as in this case they meet their demise if we can’t catch them.
The next on my flighty week was someone approached me about purchasing my incubator. After I calculated the cost he decided he didn’t want it. So I listed it on a local homesteading list I’m on. Someone I trust completely has put a down payment on the incubator. So that is our last big piece of the bird business sold. While digging out the ‘bator I found we had more bird stuff than I thought, egg trays and such. So I listed those for sale as well.