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I know, but i am hoping they will not think of that! lol

But that is my intenstion, is to show them how to live in finacial peace from the begining.

i have starting paying them on commission basis. if i ask them to do something work wise, i pay them when the job is done. i pay them using an envelope system for each of them too. 3 envelopes, tithing, saving, and spending. the first dollars they get in the week goes to the tithing, the second dollar goes into savings, and the rest of the week goes to spending.

this way they will learning that tithing needs to be first. and they will see the results of savings aftera period of time. and then of course they will learn that they will get money to spend by doing thier job.

i hope it works out so they will feel finacailly peacefull that they will not want to get a credit card.

i am praying for that anyways!