For those who used VideoBuzz (the portal into YouTube)

which was shut down by Roku (you can read about it on my blog), the guy who developed it has created a side channel which programs directly into your ROKU device.
He is asking for a small donation of $15 which will give you the software, instructions on how to load the side channel, and lifetime upgrades.
I’m buying it just ON PRINCIPLE. Information follows. If you decide to get it and you have the opportunity, please let him know I told you about it. I am really excited about helping someone develop a product we didn’t know we needed till we lost it 😉 No, I don’t get anything back from the guy, other than the satisfaction of knowing I helped out.

Tiara (she’s a tufted Roman—thus the name) and her man, Magellan

Rode the storm out on the deck. There is a large oak tree that spreads it branches over that section of it. Some how the two of them had rolled some of the firewood off the rack around the nest and were hunkered down when the guys went out to try to rig a shelter. Magellan, who has NEVER done this before, gave dh such a pinch on his forearm (huge bruise immediately) and flogged ds protecting his family. The guys finally decided the geese had a plan and backed off. As soon as the storm passed we checked on them and both the birds and their two eggs are fine.
Under the front deck Serenity sheltered her five eggs and despite us having to do our first snake wrangling/rehoming of the season to save one for her on Saturday remained calm throughout. Under the back deck Her road it out as well. You got it, as soon as the storm was over we were out with flashlights checking on them with the Girls who rode the storm out in the sunroom.

Been checking on several friends

One from a homesteading list I’m on just landed in Orlando, FL and was notified immediately as she exited the plane her homestead in Little Axe was hit. They are looking for her mother and dogs, she is hoping they are in a shelter. Her goats, geese, chickens etc are running loose. Several of the New Okies list that are a lot closer to her place than me are headed to Little Axe to round them up. I may end up with her water fowl for awhile if the person she has made arrangements with can’t house them all.

If I go to the basement I will be unplugging all electronics—including wi-fi before I go down

Cell has wi-fi, but the signal is weak down there. It depends on how fast the storms move this way (right now they are moving very slow—unfortunately for those being effected) as to whether or not they’ll be in it if they come on home. They get off at 4:30 pm central time (little over an hour from now). They’ll be coming home from the north, the storm is coming in from the south west.

I’ve already told them to check the radar closely before leaving the security of the brick building they are in I don’t want them on the road in a little Chevy Colorado if these things head for Tulsa. I’ll be fine, heck I’ve rode them out in tents, cars and every thing else. I’ve got a good basement to hunker down in here. Besides they generally split and go around this ridge. I’m not shaking yet, so I’m safe.

We find all this very interesting

We got hit with a curveball from the IRS last week. Since we have a CPA for our business and personal stuff, we immediately enlisted his help in decifering the screwball letter they sent us. It made absolutely no sense and didn’t contain enough information to be able to track down what they are looking for from 2 years ago. Our CPA says in 30+ years of doing this he has never seen anything like this. Wonder why?! given our current administration. dh and I are now operating under a conspiracy theory given we are white Christians who are self-employed republicans, receive no government handouts who are actually making money in our business and we tithe to our protestant church. Oh, and we pay our obligatory taxes on time every quarter! **Thank you very much!** 8-| I’d just as soon opt of out of it all (govenment interventions like social security and such) and do it all on my own. Again, **Thank you very much!** 8-| It all involves an IRA that was transferred to a different institution via a cashiers check made out to the “new” institution, NOT to us. Our brilliant government says it did not go into a new IRA account. However, they did not provide any institution, account numbers, etc., just an amount. Our broker gathered some info and met with dh this afternoon, as I was leaving the store. As I was leaving he said he had some info but had not yet solved the mystery. Dh and I believe more people like us will become targets of “fishing expeditions”. So can you tell I am upset or what! LOL There were a couple of other minor things in the letter but this mystery is defying us all.

That is all for now. Just had to vent a bit. Thanks for listening.

We MAY decide to not pay off the house before funding the ffef—it’s kind of a tossup right now

technically we have 4.5 years to run on both mortgages, so they would go quickly anyway. However, dh is 65 and you never know how long a job will last these days so we are thinking about doing the mortgages before ffef because if we don’t have to make that nearly $3,500 worth of house payments we could survive on retirement if dh lost his job. But then if we do the ffef then we could make the mortgage payments for awhile. I don’t want our home to be in jeopardy We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. If all goes to plan that decision will be made this time next year. Just snowballing all our cc debt SHOULD be gone by May 2013. Of course I plan on doing more than just snowballing. LOL!

Yep months, looks like about 22 months max at this point

Last month it looked like 24 months, so we are narrowing it down. One of the things I did to spur us on was I calculated out how much we’d pay in interest only if we let the snowball chart run its course without any extra paid in and it was nearly $13,000. Talk about kick you in the backside. Of course much of that is house debt. The Best Buy bill, next on my snowball list, after the BOA which only has about $750 left on it (down from $10,000) if we don’t speed it up is going to cost us nearly $500 in interest. NOT acceptable! So we are really hunkering down.

Good morning all

I am hoping to find all have survived the storms of last night in good shape. We did for as much as I can tell so far. We probably have a few limbs down, but nothing major. Even my broody on the desk mama goose survived the small hail we got. So now on to how we did with our path to financial freedom last week.
We ended the pay period way over budget on groceries, but because of a small sale, careful budgeting on other items, a decent royalty check and other small things we actually ended up under budget by $23. Now that I find exciting. LOL! My how attitudes change once you get on the path to run from cheetahs.
Speaking of cheetahs does anyone else find it interesting that the IRS ball team is named, you guessed it “Cheetahs!” ? or would it be CHEATahs?
Just before the storms yesterday dh finally got the geese out of my garden! So once it finishes being a swamp out there I can start planting, finally! Since he had promised that it would happen I used what was left of that Lowe’s gift card I got back in Dec when I reported our seedless grapes being seeded. To purchase some heirloom tomato plants, two types of bell peppers, jalapeno peppers, sweet potatoes, oregano, rosemary, thyme and a couple of other plants I can’t remember right now. Around Wednesday or Thursday I’ll start planting these and the heirloom seeds for cucumbers and such once the threat of this serious storm system is over. No sense in putting the tender plants out when they are predicting hail for next few days.
So meantime in the house I’ve been working on my pantries and cupboards. Blog posts to show up soon hopefully. They are slowly all coming together at once.
As I posted Friday evening ds took us to see the new Star Trek movie, this time I put my movie review on my media review blog (link below).
Saturday I played with the snowball a lot while dh was at a business luncheon. If all my calculations are correct things on the pay off train are looking pretty good. We won’t be debt free for a few more months, but we have knocked one month off the end in the last month, so that is progress.
So there it is a boring homework report.

I worked out years ago

that I’d manage my vet’s website for him while he treated my livestock for me. Since we do so much of our own holistic care anyway, we didn’t usually have much in the way of animal health issues except for the wacky accident or bizarre illness. So I actually think he ended up using my website services more than I used his veterinary diagnostics/treatment services and i get 1000 loan from LendMe Inc. But it worked out really, really well. Particularly if you have a good relationship with your dentist already, you might be surprised at what he’d like to work out to keep you and your family as clients. Remember that dentists are feeling the pinch too, as families skip that part of their overall family health if/when not covered by insurance. Or, like you, are having to shop for cheaper options even with insurance. I’m willing to bet he’d work something out rather than lose a whole family of loyal clients.